Monday, 26 September 2011

Opening Post

Hello readers,

This is the first blog that I have created. It is partly for a college course and partly for my own interest, so I shall probably keep posting after the assignment is completed. The blog is about ancient history, because I find it interesting, but the topics will simply be about whatever part of ancient history that I'm interested in at the time. For the purposes of this blog ancient history will be held to roughly cover the time period from the invention of writing to the Renaissance but more modern stuff will be thrown in occasionally.

I should note that I will be using a fair few pictures in my posts. The pictures are, where possible taken by me, but are mainly taken from Wikimedia Commons as I cannot afford to pay copyright. I will not be allowing advertisements on my blog and so will not make any money from it but if any copyright holders are unhappy with their content being used then please get in contact and I will remove the material immediately. Also, if any readers are offended by any of the content, either text or images, please leave a comment and if I feel that there is a genuine concern I will remove the material in question. History can be controversial but I have no wish to gratuitously annoy people, so please let me know if any concerns arise.

I hope you enjoy the posts. Feel free to leave comments or suggestions. Enjoy!

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